The premier address to present green technologies with worldwide reach

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The global forum on  » visions for a green future «

On this  greenVision  platform, our clients with job offers on, can present their competences together with their existing and future projects. This can be done through posts, photos, images, demo-videos, interviews, podcasts, reportages, product event coverages etc. A link from the job offer to the project presentation will often be an advantage in terms of employer branding.

For a truly sustainable future of our planet we need visionaries more than ever before. Therefore, greenVision  will also be a mandatory point of reference and "stage" for the globally hugely growing number of start-ups advancing developments and new technologies in green sectors to present themselves and their projects on international scale. This will lead to contacts with potential partners, venture capital firms wordwide, industry magazines etc.

Thus,  greenVision  will become an authoritative forum through its prime and diverse contributions on a globally visible stage. Likely benefits: increased company awareness, new clients, cooperation partners and attraction of top talent. Simultaneously, customers all over the world will receive serious decision-making aids.

Another important fact is that ever more capital is seeking opportunities for investing in green sectors (f.e. loan portfolio shifts at banks etc.). Here, too, this platform can provide valuable services in bringing together the right partners.

»  Principal sectors and business fields

Principal sectors will be published on this platform shortly.