The premier address for employers to track down top-notch talent, locally or across the globe.

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Careers in green research and green technologies. Worldwide.

The accelerating transformation towards sustainability in virtually all sectors will require large investments, a formidable research effort, the deployment of latest technologies and unprecedented reporting obligations. This entails a great number of new professional fields and the need to fill these new positions with the best. To track down top-notch talent, precisely targeted searches, increasingly on an international scale will become indispensable. This very platform provides employers with an effective and yet economical tool to ensure that their vacancies are found and responded to by eligible candidates anywhere on the globe.

Therefore, will be a premier address for companies, corporations, research facilities, start-ups and public institutions worldwide to publish and promote their job vacancies - disclosed or undisclosed - on this expert platform, precisely targeted at highly qualified and motivated candidates. Locally or across the globe.

As a result, will be a preferred and trusted source and a mandatory point of reference for candidates aiming at challenging careers in these dynamically evolving new professional fields, locating job vacancies in all areas of green research & technologies under one roof. In their own country or anywhere in the world.

»  Principal sectors, areas and professional fields

Sectors and areas are in constant flow due to accelerating dynamics in green technologies. A detailed presentation of sectors and professional fields will be provided on the soon available career platform.